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Intercultural training provides your employees with vital skills necessary to succeed in international business, such as cross-cultural communication, diversity awareness, cultural sensitivity, adaptability, empathy, uncertainty management, and tolerance for ambiguity

Translatus can help your staff successfully transition into new foreign markets and cultures through general or culture-specific, group or one-on-one training sessions

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Jeremy Solomons, Associate Intercultural Trainer

Mr. Solomons is an Associate Trainer for Translatus. He provides customized coaching, facilitation and training in Career Development, Conflict Resolution, Diversity & Inclusion (both Global and Domestic), Global Leadership, Multicultural Teambuilding and Strategic Planning to current and future leaders around the world from his base in Austin, Texas.

Since moving permanently to the USA in 1992, he has worked directly and indirectly with many globalizing organizations across North America, Europe and Asia.

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In the past, Jeremy managed a diverse staff and worked with clients and colleagues from all over the globe, while employed as a full-time Banker, Educator and Journalist in six multinational institutions: Citibank, JP Morgan, Lloyds Bank International, Reuters News Agency, United Press International and the World Bank.

He has lived, studied and worked for extended periods in eight countries: France, Germany, Hong Kong (and China), Israel, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. He has also traveled and done business in some 40 countries around the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

Born in Manchester, England - home of the Industrial Revolution and Manchester United - Jeremy holds MA and BA Honors degrees in French from the University of Oxford (Brasenose College). As well as speaking mother-tongue English, he has been fluent in French, German, Italian and US American, and proficient in Spanish and Texan. He has also studied Cantonese, Hebrew, Russian and Swiss German.

He is currently writing a book: The Truly Global Organization of the Future and he is co-writing a web-based training module on Global Diversity and Inclusion. He has contributed to a 2003 book: Global Leadership: The Next Generation and co-written a chapter in a 2000 book: Coaching for Leadership. These are both based on a year-long study - Global Leadership: The Next Generation - that he co-researched and wrote for Accenture.

Jeremy is adjunct faculty at the University of Texas’ Professional Development Center in Austin, TX; the Intercultural Management Institute at American University in Washington, DC; and the Centre for Intercultural Communication at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

He co-founded the Ghost Ranch Alliance, Global Diversity Dialogue and Global Leadership Circle for Young Adults. He belongs to the American Society for Training and Development, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety and National Geographic Society.

Jeremy lives in Barton Hills near downtown Austin with his US wife, Lily; UK-US daughter, Emma; and a bevy of cats and dogs from New Mexico and Texas. When he is not working or spending time with his family, he volunteers with the Austin Police Dept. and the Pebble Project for Child Abuse Prevention and he likes to walk, cycle, swim and play football (soccer) and tennis.