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Translatus builds your Translation Memory on every project, bringing you better consistency, higher quality, and cost savings.

What is Translation Memory?

Translation Memory (TM) is a system that uses translation technology to create and constantly update a glossary of your approved translated terms, expressions and whole sentences.

These glossaries are digitally scanned each time you submit a project; matches from the Translation Memory are incorporated into the new project. This ensures more consistent terminology and higher quality translation.

This service is included with all of our translations. In addition we can incorporate your existing glossaries and even allow you to edit your Translation Memory so that it becomes the greatest possible asset to you and your company.

How does Translation Memory benefit you?

  • Corporate Benefits

    By building up a stored knowledge of your preferred multilingual terminology and phrasing, Translation Memory improves the quality and consistency of your translations and provides continuity throughout your whole corporation.

  • Corporate Marketing Benefits

    We build your Translation Memory using your preferred translations in line with your marketing strategy. As your global marketing strategy changes, so can your Translation Memory. It is available for you to change and adapt as needed.

  • Cost Benefits

    Translation Memory can also result in direct discounts off your translation prices. These discounts are based on the number of matches between the document and the Translation Memory. Because your Memory increases with every project, the longer you work with us, the more you will save through Translation Memory matches.
Which Translation Memory packages does Translatus use?

Translatus uses the SDLTrados translation memory system, the current industry leader. We are also able to work with other types of TM software, such as Déjà vu and Wordfast.