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Translatus brings together premier resources to translate your key business materials for use in your target markets.

Project Teams

Each project team is led by an accountable project manager, who coordinates all resources and serves as the single point of contact during project delivery. Depending on the project needs, the team may consist of:
  • Project Manager
  • Translation Manager
  • Translators
  • Proofreaders
  • Graphic Design/DTP staff
  • Technology Architects/Programmers

We seek to keep a consistent team working on all projects for a given client. This increases quality and enables the team to better understand specific client preferences from project to project.
How our project team operates

This chart should help you understand how our project management team collaborates to achieve the most professional and seamless translation process.

Translatus draws on a wide network of accredited translators and proofreaders to match the right resources to your project needs. For each target language, we assign a primary translator AND an independent proofreader/editor, who:

  • Are experienced and accredited
  • Are knowledgeable in your specific subject field
  • Live and work in the country where the final document will be used

We facilitate collaboration between translator and proofreader during the review process as needed to ensure the final product is correct and polished.

Processes and Technologies

Translatus uses a number of processes and technologies to deliver high quality, efficient translation services for our clients.  These include standard operating procedures and workflows, effective application of Translation Memory technologies, and the use of proprietary technologies developed by Translatus.

Process flow chart of Translatus

This process flow chart illustrates how Translatus executes a typical translation/localization project.

The talent of our teams and the processes we follow result in the most professional translations you will find.

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