Welcome to Translatus

Access Our Services > Create an Account

To register for an account on Translation Direct Access, just fill out the online registration form.

The person whose name is filled in on the registration form is the account holder. That person can then create as many user accounts as they wish under the master account name. Setting up additional users is easy. Just go to the administration management page within Translation Direct Access.

Using Translation Direct Access

With your email and password you can enter Translation Direct Access and start processing your projects.

When you process a new project you have the option to request a price quote or to process the job immediately. When your project quote is ready it will be placed in your "My Projects" folder next to the project name and you will be sent an e-mail to let you know it is ready. You can edit project information at any time.

If you process a project immediately, your project cost will be based on your agreed Translatus price rate card.

If you have not negotiated your own Translatus price rates the estimate will be based on the standard price rate card.