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Why choose Translatus for your multilingual projects? Because we offer an easy-to-access and comprehensive solution to help you generate multilingual materials.

This section outlines the service, quality, efficiency, and savings benefits we provide, enabling you to make the most of your materials in all your markets.


Translatus clients often comment on the service orientation that our teams bring to the work.

Our dedicated Project Management teams ensure that every project goes smoothly. We stay in regular communication about project status and are always available to answer your questions or offer project support, even outside of normal business hours.

We do whatever it takes to get your project delivered.


Translatus maintains the highest standards of quality. We:

  • Use only highly skilled vendors who match the project profile
  • Select vendors who are knowledgeable in the subject field
  • Ensure an independent reviewer carefully reviews and edits each project
  • Maintain consistent teams across projects for a given client
  • Employ highly educated and skilled staff to manage projects
  • Implement and follow proven work-flow processes
  • Utilize the latest in support technologies

This results in excellent consistency and accuracy. If a particular job is not done to your satisfaction, we will always work with you to get it right before we close the project.

We also learn with you project-by-project, constantly adapting to your terminology, preferences, and standards over time. For regular customers, we will go the extra step to create a rule book or guidelines manual to capture the standards and style preferences that should be maintained across all projects.


Our process is easy and efficient. You can submit materials online 24 hours a day at your convenience using our proprietary project management software, Translation Direct Access (TDA).

Once you submit a job online, we take care of all the details of project delivery. This reduces your workload and makes it easier and faster for you to output multilingual materials.

Our online system, TDA,  also enables you to track and manage all your translation projects. You can see the status of current and past projects and use it to find final files, rather than having to keep track of different versions via email.


Working with Translatus results in savings of both time and money. In addition to the energy and administrative time you save by having us manage your multi-lingual projects, you can realize savings by:

  • Special pricing — we can provide special terms for your company that will benefit all branches based on your work.

  • Translation Memory — we build a comprehensive Translation Memory for you and provide discounts based on matches with previous translations. The more you work with us and build your translation memory, the more savings you will realize.
We are a specialized team, organized specifically to do this work. We can do it efficiently and inexpensively, while enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

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